Makray Invests in Technology

High Speed Equipment

Husky Hyelectric technology produces more, faster.  Our cycle times are typically 15-30% faster than other machines, and with oversize platens we get to use all of that tonnage.  Plus wider tie bar spacing, we get higher plasticizing rates and improved mold protection to help you gain a return on, and protect your tool investment.

Large Tonnage Molding

With up to 1100 tons of clamping force, oversized barrels, extra wide tie bars, extra daylight for deep draw parts (280oz ish), and high compression mixing screws we’ve got you covered.  Our systems are capable of reducing your tons per square inch requirements.


Whitman 3-axis robot arms handle your parts with cosmetic finishes or parts that are delicate in nature.  We quickly set up robotic arms for long or shorts runs to meet your needs at no additional costs!

Work Cells

Our factory layout is designed to accommodate complex assembly processes at the molding machines to help save you money.

Finishing Techniques

Our finishing department turns out every possible value added service for your injection molded products.  Just check out our processes page for more information!