Available Processes

Plastic Injection Molding

And all the value-add services you need in one place

Makray Manufacturing does more than just plastic injection molding.  Our 100,000 square foot facility can help you achieve peace of mind by bringing all the steps of your products production under one roof.  That means one phone call, email, or visit can answer all of the questions you might have when your product is produced here.  Don’t have a mold yet though?  Or need sampling done?  Don’t worry.  Check out our processes and capabilities below to find out what Makray Manufacturing can do for your business.

Product Development

We specialize in retail marketing systems, consumer products, electronics (yes, we’re UL certified to wire), housewares, and industrial products.  We are ready to assist you through every step of your product development process by supplying a full array of services including: project management; product and tooling engineering; production management; quality control; assembly and packaging development; inventory and warehousing services; shipping and receiving, with on-site third party trucking available; and process optimization.

Mold Construction

Our engineering experience gives you an advantage on your design and mold building objectives, rendering optimized manufacturability  and high quality parts.  Our competitive tool sources, both domestic and overseas, can provide the right balance in tool longevity, maintenance, part pricing, and tool cost.  With over 60 years in the field of injection molding, you can count on the Makray Team and our partners to use cutting edge technology for world class results.

Injection Molding

Our bread and butter.  We eat, sleep, and dream injection molding, day in and day out.  When size and scale matters, we can meet the largest of challenges.  We’ve got 10 ton cranes lifting the heaviest of molds, to 26 injection molding machines spanning the 170 ton to over 1100 ton of clamping force.  Our stable of equipment allows us to achieve a high level of flexibility while being able to meet the demands of your project in a timely manner.  With silos and surge bins, we’ve got the capability to take in large amounts of material for a wide range of projects.


Our finishing department has a ton of capabilities meant to turn your injected part into a finished product ready for shipment either to you, or even directly to your customer.  Here’s a short list of what we can do for you- with some of these services available At-The-Press for lower costs and faster turnaround: decals; hot stamping; heat transfer; sonic welding; pad printing; silk screening; rotary silk screening; painting; mask & texturing; decorative painting; electrical assembly; potting; spin welding; vibration welding; cell manufacturing and assembly; riveting; heat staking; soldering; post mold inserts; customized assembly equipment; drilling; labeling; and retail packaging.


We excel at assemblying your product and making it ready for shipment to you or your customer.  Makray Manufacturing offers essentially two types of assembly.  We can bring assembly and work cells to the press, allowing a part to be injected, finished and assembled, and packed all within feet of where the part is made, saving both time and money.  We also have a complete finishing department, where items can go from work-in-process to ready on an in house assembly line.


Tooling & Prototyping Partnerships

Makray Manufacturing has connections with not only design firms but domestic and international tooling partners to help bring your projects to completion.  We can even help take your designs into the prototyping stages with our 3D printing and SLA partners, as well as run your tools for prototyping and sampling.

Shipping and Receiving Experts

You thought Makray’s job ended once the product was put in a box?  Nope, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.  Our shipping and receiving experts understand setting up regular shipments, drop-shipping directly to your customers, as well as managing components and supplies for your assemblies.

How do we work with ISO?

Makray Manufacturing Company is a custom molder, one quality system does not fit all of our customers.  Some products only require that they are about the same size, weight, color, etc.  We don’t want to waste time and money on applying ISO standards to products like that. At the same time,though, we can adapt our internal quality system to meet each and every individual projects needs.  In fact, we hold a manufacturing green card with many of our ISO restrained customers.